Rossjohn Laboratory

Understanding immune function and dysfunction.

Dr. Ben Gully
Research Fellow

Dr Benjamin Gully gained his PhD in 2016 at the University of Western Australia,
investigating the structural characterisation of a previously ill-defined RNA binding
protein family.
He then moved to Monash University and joined Professor Jamie Rossjohn’s
laboratory to investigate the molecular determinants of T cell recognition. Here he
utilised a multitude of structural and biochemical techniques to study poorly
understood – yet numerous – T cell subsets and other immune cell receptors. He
expanded into using single-particle cryoEM and now runs a group studying
unconventional T cell subsets, most prominently γδ T cells.
His team investigates how immune cells, such as γδ T cells, respond in primary
infections and disease. These specialised cells rely upon the molecular
determination of dysregulation or disease state via cell surface protein interactions.
Thus, understanding these protein complexes in high detail is of great interest and
holds vast implications for therapeutic development.

Research interests
His team are national leaders in Cryo-Electron Microscopy and regularly use the
Titan KRIOS and Talos ARTICA at the world leading Monash Ramaciotti Centre for
Cryo-EM. Using these resources, we have characterised novel and meritorious
immune complexes publishing in journals such as Science, PNAS and Nature