Rossjohn Laboratory

Understanding immune function and dysfunction.

Dr. Richard Berry
NHMRC Career Development Fellow

The specificity of the immune system is determined by cell surface receptors that recognise molecules of self- and/or viral origin. Understanding these interactions at the molecular level can provide profound insights into the basic processes underpinning immunity and how these may be modulated to treat infection or disease. My research is focused on two broad areas within this theme; 1. understanding the mechanistic basis of immune receptor triggering, with a particular focus on the T-cell receptor-CD3 signalling apparatus, and 2. investigating how natural killer cell receptors function in both healthy and virally infected organisms. To achieve these aims we use a wide range of structural and biophysical techniques including X-ray crystallography, cryo-EM and small angle X-ray scattering.

Research Projects

1. The structural basis for signalling via the T-cell receptor-CD3 complex

2. Natural Killer cell receptor structure and function

3. Subversion of innate immunity by viral immune-evasins

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