National Science Week 2021

 ‘My Goodness’ BOOK LAUNCH

Virtual book launch: Friday August 20th, 2021 (9:00 am)

‘My Goodness’: Interactive Multisensory Science books

Read about immune system cells through your sense of touch or learn about food and nutrition through a 3D soundscape. ‘My Goodness’, a Rossjohn Sensory Science Multisensory Science Book, is an exhibition of 10 interactive ‘books’ designed for low-vision, blind, hearing-impaired, deaf, and non-disabled audiences.

The Books explore the relationship between infection, immunity, food, and nutrition. They make science accessible to more people by using large print text, braille, tactile artworks, haptic and 3DAudio, visual tracking and tactile sensor interaction technologies.

This initiative is supported by the National Science Week grant.

Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions in Melbourne we are unable to have this book launch in person and will move activities and the exhibition online. We hope to welcome you in person later in the year. Please check back again.

Watch the Welcome & Introductory Video.

Prof Jamie Rossjohn & Dr Erica Tandori (Monash Sensory Science).

See a Preview of the ‘My Goodness’ Book.

Created by Erica Tandori and Stuart Favilla.

Multisensory Book ‘My Goodness’ song

Written and produced by Erica Tandori and Stuart Favilla.

Download the song lyrics here.

Listen to the Audio of the song below