Congrats Ben on the award of the Future Leader Postdoctoral Fellowship

Monash BDI success in Faculty fellowships

Six postdoctoral researchers from the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) have received fellowships in two separate schemes offered by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (MNHS).

These awards will support outstanding early career researchers at key points in their careers. This opportunity allows them to continue to pursue their chosen research programs in areas as diverse as understanding gene regulation in prostate cancer, identifying the molecular determinants of immune cell recognition and treating antimicrobial resistant infections.

Congratulations to Dr Sue Nang, Dr Gaofeng Ni and Dr Evan Healy on receiving a Faculty Early Career Postdoctoral Fellowship.

The Early Career Postdoctoral Fellowship (formerly Bridging Postdoctoral Fellowship) provides funding to support the career development of final year PhD students and early career researchers while they apply for externally funded fellowships.

The Future Leader Postdoctoral Fellowships (formerly Senior Postdoctoral Fellowships) are targeted at outstanding candidates who have clear potential to be successful in external career fellowship schemes.

Three Future Leader Postdoctoral Fellowships were awarded to Monash BDI’s Dr Anja Knaupp, Dr Benjamin Gully and Dr Natalie Lister.

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